Internet Services

Deliver the super-fast, always-available connectivity that users expect in an increasingly interconnected digital and mobile environment. Our Internet access services give you a selection of guaranteed bandwidth packages to suit the demands of your business. You can also have dedicated bandwidth for employee activities such as online banking or training, so critical business systems aren’t affected.

Web & Mobile App

Powerful server that best for resource-intensive web applications, no resource restrictions, full root access and highly customizable.

Improved Usability

Improved usability is dedicated to improving your audiences' online reading experience.

Design Mastery

To gain mastery in designing area requires a great deal of dedication, experiment, and passion.

IT Consultant

We offer to you the best solution before making a decision to solve your problem, do not hesitate to discuss everything you need with our excellence support.

Digital Marketing

Get your brand online and generate leads like never before with Core.ID that allows prospective clients to search properties through your personalized database. High customization, guest tracking for retargeting and drip campaigns, easy to use on your own or with only a little assistance.

Cloud Computing

Our cloud services empower you to do more with technology with less investment in the underlying infrastructure – and the expertise required to maintain it. Cloud computing is a powerful enabler of growth and innovation. It gives you access to the advanced infrastructure needed to run sophisticated applications, and the flexibility of increasing or decreasing capacity to meet demand.

SSL Certificates

If you need extra protection for your data, we offer you solution with our SSL Certificate solution.

Website Security

SiteLock™, the global leader in website security, protects your website to give you peace of mind. SiteLock's Daily Malware Scanning identifies vulnerabilities and known malicious code and automatically removes it from your website to protect your website and visitors against threats. Plus you get the SiteLock Trust Seal which builds customer confidence and is proven to increase sales and conversion rates.

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